I don’t wear clothes,
I domesticate them -
it is they that wear me.


Fashion Designer

My music is as if a rocker, a crooner, a diva and a cabaret performer had said, “let’s have a baby!”. Let's rock!



An artist with a touch of madness or madness with a touch of artistry

Artiste atteint·e de folie ou folie atteinte d’artisterie. (translated from French)


  • Newsletter 05/2021: Time for a big spring cleaning!

    Dear friends, From the outset, I have been telling you mainly about my musical project My Rock’n Love Story. This newsletter will tell you a bit more about the other hats I wear.

Current projects

Cultiver la différence

Rejoins le groupe et participe aux évènements !


Est-ce que le mot DIFFÉRENCE résonne en toi ? Bonne nouvelle : c’est tout à fait normal, puisque nous sommes TOUS différents, sans exception ! Mais alors pourquoi n’osons-nous souvent pas afficher nos différences, alors qu’elles font partie de nous ? Est-ce par crainte d’être trop exposé au regard de l’autre ?

Cultiver sa différence est, selon nous, un point central de réflexion pour être plus heureux. Mais comment s’y prendre ?

Stylish Mood

A fashionista photographic journey that follows the traces of my moods.


If you are the kind of person who likes to change shirts the way you change moods, every moment – and life itself - becomes a fashion show. Allow yourself to be carried off on a journey of eclectic images in vivid colours, and take a look at my selection of clothes, styles, themes, places and talented photographers, chosen to reflect my desires and feelings. Join me on Facebook and Instagram.

My Rock 'n' Love Story

What story is that?!


My Rock’n Love Story is the story of my life, or nearly… Life has its ups and downs, and it’s through a highly colourful musical performance that I unveil my states of mind and what is in my heart. Fasten your seat belts and let yourself be transported, from one song to the next, on a rockmantic adventure.


A thousand pictures are worth a million words.


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    Neither the artist nor the art can easily be categorized – no one has been able to put Yan Haltey in a box. But why?


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