The artist

Neither the artist nor the art can easily be categorized – no one has been able to put Yan Haltey in a box. But why?

Yan is a bit like a disco ball in perpetual motion, each flashing light representing a state of mind that dazzles your spirit. Cultivating difference lies in Yan’s genes, and the result can at times be disconcerting. This fascination with beauty is expressed by the artist with passion and authenticity wearing a variety of artistic hats.

Yan’s determination flows from the artist’s dreams. The music is composed out of a lived experience. With Yan, it is movement that unveils the creations. The artist’s bearing immortalizes the photos and it is intuition that guides action.

Yan’s art has its own language that, like it or not, brings you face to face with your emotions. Yan is art itself.

The company

Yan Haltey has entrusted the new company it with the mission of implementing an artistic and commercial vision that the company brings to life through fashion and musical creations.

Yan Haltey’s signature trait is the culture of difference – a difference that has become the norm. When the essence of a creation comes from a different realm, it is essential to dare to cut oneself loose from the world’s gaze. Authenticity, great open-mindedness and sharing are the brand’s fundamental values.

We invite you to come aboard for a timeless journey in which you will travel the world under a glistening, glamorous sky at rock-neck speed.

Photography: Emilie Müller

Copywriting: Yan Haltey, Orlane Sebaï