Newsletter 05/2021: Time for a big spring cleaning!

Dear friends,

From the outset, I have been telling you mainly about my musical project My Rock’n Love Story. This newsletter will tell you a bit more about the other hats I wear.

New creative burst for Yan Haltey

My main website,, is getting a new look. On the programme is a new presentation that brings all my various activities under one roof. At the moment, modelling, fashion design and my musical activities are running side by side, to serve you better.

MyRock’nLoveStory is moving

Rest assured, My Rock’n Love Story is still here! This fine project deserves, in my view, a website unto itself. That is why I decided to give it a worthy new home at the address and dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages, for which I invite you to sign up.

Yan Haltey’s new company

To give my activities and creations an enduring home over the long term, I decided to form a new company that also bears my name. I have entrusted Yan Haltey LLC with the mission of implementing my artistic and commercial vision, which it will bring to life through my fashion and musical creations.

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Stylish Mood

It is with great pleasure that I present to you my brand new project, “Stylish Mood”. What is this about?

A fashionista photographic journey that follows the traces of my moods.

If you are the kind of person who likes to change shirts the way you change moods, every moment – and life itself – becomes a fashion show. Allow yourself to be carried off on a journey of eclectic images in vivid colours, and take a look at my selection of clothes, styles, themes, places and talented photographers, chosen to reflect my desires and feelings. Join me on Facebook and Instagram.

Interview on LDT Live (in French)

If you haven’t heard it yet, now’s the time! I invite you to listen to my most recent interview on LDT Live, where I offer a glimpse behind the scenes of my latest single, “Why Should I Die For You” and much more.

To end this cascade of new initiatives, it remains for me to wish you a lovely spring season. Enjoy, and keep well!

Rockingly yours!


Photography by
Emilie Müller
Natália Mansano


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