Our activity

Let’s dare to believe in our dreams and gather the necessary means to make them come true. Our activity consists of evaluating ideas, defining the path to take and implementing the necessary means to enable our projects to flourish. We create brands that form our universe with multiple synergies and ensure sustainable management.

Our holistic approach is made up of several phases which take place according to a defined process. This systematic approach allows each new idea to be approached in an organized manner, while leaving room for creativity and innovation to ensure balance.

Design and evaluation

Ideas are good, but an original idea that satisfies a need is better.

Creativity is exploring a world without limits without worrying about feasibility. This opening phase is the key to innovation and the creation of new things. Unique things are often simple although often the equation of an underlying complexity. The art of simplicity ultimately comes down to focusing on the essential.

Satisfying our needs is the reason that pushes us to do something. They can be conscious and therefore indeed exist. But it also happens that they are unconscious and that a trigger activates them at a given moment. Bridging these needs with ideas is part of our solution-finding process.

During a creative process, identifying needs can lead to a large number of solutions. However, our resources in time and means are not infinite, which is why we focus on creating brands with the potential for strong and lasting impact. Effective evaluation matches ideas with reality to find the right path to something unique.

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Planning and implementation

Once we are convinced that a brand deserves to see the light of day, we plan the phases of the project and the necessary resources in order to maintain control of the whole thing. We believe that not everything can be planned months in advance down to the last detail and prefer an iterative approach while keeping an overview. Our approach is based on agile principles falling within a defined framework while retaining the possibility of being reactive to short-term changes.

During implementation, we take care of all aspects related to the creation of the brand, including its identity, the creation of products and services, graphic and audiovisual creation, marketing, communication, technology, aspects legal, financial aspects and the future framework necessary for its management.

During this phase, we also ensure its transfer to the structure which will ensure its operational exploitation until it becomes autonomous.

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Management and Administration

Each of our brands is dedicated to being able to operate independently. Although we do not intervene from an operational point of view once the brand and its structure have been established, we attach great importance to the cohesion between the brand strategy of the group and of each of the entities that we administer. Our activity in this phase is therefore limited to the strategic monitoring of each of our brands, consulting services and general administrative tasks related to the group.

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The company

Yan Haltey is the name of a company and a group of brands. It is also the name of its founder, creator, artistic soul, free electron in perpetual movement.