The company

Yan Haltey is the name of a company and a group of brands. It is also the name of its founder, creator, artistic soul, free electron in perpetual movement.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a world where every individual believes in their dreams and achieves them. Throughout our lives we do things. But in the end, what good does it do us? Dreaming allows us to give meaning, meaning to our daily life, meaning to our life quite simply. A wandering mind brings instant gratification, but ultimately, it is desire, ambition and perseverance that lead to the fulfillment of dreams.

#dream #fulfillment #desire

Our vision

The Yan Haltey brand is a bet on audacity and creativity, a universe where uniqueness becomes the norm. In a perfect world, the aspirations of the heart and mind would be satisfied in every way and at all times. We allow ourselves the right to believe in an ideal, in our dreams, in the purity of beings in their authenticity. Through our actions, we try to come closer to our ideals. Our philosophy is found in each of our actions and in the DNA of our brands, through which it materializes.

#ideal #action #recognition

Our history

Founded in 2021, the Yan Haltey Company is the result of Yan’s atypical journey, who from a very young age was always overflowing with ideas and ambition. A born creator and inventor, Yan realizes his aspirations through all kinds of artistic, technical and commercial projects. He explores life, gains experience and little by little builds bridges between his reality and the world, which he likes to shape in his own way. Over time, this design and creation process is optimized to become the core activity of the Yan Haltey Company, alongside the management and administration of its established brands.

#journey #exploration #time

Our values

Our values are the pillar of our identity and are reflected across all of our brands.

Let’s join forces

They say that there is strength in unity… Joining our adventure means enriching your spirit, giving way to new synergies and building the future together.

Our activity

Let’s dare to believe in our dreams and gather the necessary means to make them come true. Our activity consists of evaluating ideas, defining the path to take and implementing the necessary means to enable our projects to flourish.


For any request, we invite you to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.