Our values

Our values are the pillar of our identity and are reflected across all of our brands.


Diversity is intrinsic to our existence. To ignore it is to deprive ourselves of the wealth that our world offers us. Who says diversity, says difference. Difference, in all its forms, can be cultivated and included in any creative process. The possibilities are endless and we believe it will always be possible to create something unique. American author Napoleon Hill said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

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Preparing for travel means opening your mind to other horizons to enrich it. It’s also about opening your heart to new emotional states. Whether we travel physically or let our minds wander, we open ourselves to the world. Over time, our perception evolves and the more it evolves, the more we are able to question our former beliefs, which seemed to be the only truths.

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Without the existence of humanity, the earth would not be what it is today. Man is capable of great things, whether constructive or destructive. We believe that every human being can, in their own way, work to create a better world through positive actions, day after day. Putting the interests of humanity on the same level as its individual interests is the beginning of a humanist process to move towards a harmonious world where consideration, respect and peace are placed at the center.

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Perfection is an ideal that we can imagine. Perfection is an ideal that we can imagine. It is like the speed of light, impossible to achieve for ordinary mortals… Trying to approach perfection is a long process that we consider to be our definition of excellence. Every day we move forward a little further, learn from our mistakes, question ourselves and become better versions of ourselves.

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Our energy and our time are limited. The longer something has been used, the better the resources invested to create it will have been used wisely. Limiting losses means having more resources to create more value. Creating something sustainable today means more serenity and impact tomorrow.

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The company

Yan Haltey is the name of a company and a group of brands. It is also the name of its founder, creator, artistic soul, free electron in perpetual movement.

Let’s join forces

They say that there is strength in unity… Joining our adventure means enriching your spirit, giving way to new synergies and building the future together.

Our activity

Let’s dare to believe in our dreams and gather the necessary means to make them come true. Our activity consists of evaluating ideas, defining the path to take and implementing the necessary means to enable our projects to flourish.


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